Business & Management Consultancy

•Evaluating performance of companies •Business development •Building strategies and preparing plans for •companies •Developing and activating e-marketing for •websites of companies •Preparing surveys •Qualifying and developing the human resources

The General Trade

The company is working on development of its international relations in the channels of importation and exportation of the basic commodities and products in order to serve its customers.


The Company is keen on investing part of its revenues in ownership of shares in various companies and in industrial, commercial and service sectors in order to develop its financial resources. KSG can offer some investment opportunities to our partners desiring to benefit from the company’s experience in this field.

Engineering Consultancy and Technical Feasibility Study

The company provides its customers with consultancy services and engineering, technical, financial and marketing studies, which contribute to provision of feasibility studies that represent the real vision of their investments and taking their investment decisions through the results of such studies.

Marketing and Advertising Consulting

KSG has merged with Era Media Production Company in order to provide its partners with a modern concept in marketing their business, activating and developing their trademarks, using modern techniques of e-marketing, and reducing costs of the advertising budget together with striving to reach the largest customer base within the shortest time.


The labor market in the Gulf region and North Africa needs training and development programs in order to qualify the human cadres to work in the public and private sectors to achieve a lot of positive results in reducing unemployment and providing qualified labor in all administrative, technical, financial and marketing fields for all sectors. On this basis, KSG is fully experienced in this field and has links with regional and international consulting firms to serve its partners and provide all the programs that contribute to building their human cadres which represent the real investment for the success and management of business.


Tourism is the main driver of the economy of countries as all services and industries grow steadily together with the increase in the number of tourists in any country in the world. The number of tourists in 2016 reached more than one billion, two hundred million tourists who travel the world in search for recreation, shopping, knowledge of cultures in addition to business, education and treatment tourism. KSG is a leading company in the field of tourism at the global level with respect to creating tourist programs of various kinds and connecting international tourism companies with each other under the concept of B2B. In addition, KSG has contributed to implementation of hundreds of tourism programs, exhibitions and activities during the past ten years.


KSG is characterized by creation of the systems of (logistic) support services. Such systems are among the most important systems for the business sector. Such services create communication networks inside and outside organizations through linking all the internal departments to each other and linking organizations with third parties. This is represented in the transfer of data, services and goods of all kinds, which requires the business sector to develop the logistics system in order to increase the pace of work and to make the trade and knowledge exchange highly flexible.

Mining and Extraction Consulting

Mining is a national source for many countries of the world. The sources of natural resources are in the land. Countries and major companies strive to extract such resources in order to benefit from their outputs in supporting the economy and various industries, including the basic industries and manufacturing. KSG gives due attention to this vital activity in which it has relations with international companies specialized in providing direct support and consultation and providing equipment, spare parts and human cadres for mining projects.

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